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Gravity Birds

Posted by Noah Regolino on January 11, 2013 at 11:10 PM

So I was drawing a picture of the Ice Bird then I drew a picture of Dipper and Waddles (Gravity Falls Characters) and I thought it would be cool to make Gravity Birds (or Angry Falls) I thought and thought, so here's what I got.

Characters: Dipper: He is the Red Bird and his ability is to tap once to hit with his book and tap twice to throw the book.

Mabel: She is the Pink Bird and ability is to throw glitter at the enemies.

Stan: He is the Big Brother Bird and his ability is to put his cane in frond of him and boost up.

Wendy: She is the Red Girl Bird and her ability is to steal a piece of wood or glass but not metal or bombs.

Soos: He is the White Bird and his ability is to chomp threw bombs, wood, or glass. He will only weaken metal.

Story: Lil Gideon has planed to seek revenge on Dipper and Mable, but this time he decided to bail Blendin Blandin (the time traveler) out of jail. But he said he would only bail him out if he helped him defeat Dipper and Mabel, and if he would let him use his time machine. Gideon and Blendin Blandin went back in time and got the candy monster. Then he traveled to the present and got the gnomes to join him, and then he stumbled across Robbie and he said no to joining him. Then Gideon mentioned that if he joined he could crush Dipper, and he agreed. Soon that same day Dipper saw Gideon and asked him if he was up to any trouble. Wile Gideon said to Dipper if you attempt to stop me your going to die trying. Gideon ran as fast as he could. He stopped being almost out of the little air he had, he looked up and he was at his toy shop. He quickly ran in and grabbed as many pull string toys as he could and he brought them to his group. Robbie asked is this some kind of joke? Gideon explained that he would use the dolls so  Dipper will not know witch one is me Mwa ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Worst villan ever, Robbie said. The villan group spred out and stood on wood, glass, and metal. Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Wendy, and Soos all went to attack except for Gruncle Stan witch did not attack until Dipper said they stole his penny.

Levels: Gnome Mayham, The Tent of Telepathy, Rampaging Robbie, The Time Traveler Pig, Summerween, and Shack Attack.

Updates: Pay The Waxes, Back to The Future, The Rich Snitch, Little Dipper, and Dipper Meet Dipper,and Shack No More. 

Powerups: Metal Snatching Wendy: It lets Wendy steal metal now, Big Dipper: It gives a giant book, Sparkle Power: The glitter now makes pigs sneese away a brick from infront of them. Soos on The Loose: Launch a white cyrcle and a giant Soos Pac-Man Parody comes and eats everything in sight (This powerup would cost $1.)

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