The Angry Bird King

Red Bird / Red

If you tangle whith the red bird you may not make it out of there! Shore he has no power but this bird is the leader of the batch!

Blue Bird / The Blues

He may not look tuff but if you make him angry hill make 2 more of him self! Looks like the pigs won't make it whith a triple treat!

Black Bird / Bomb

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 are the black birds favorite nummbers! But if you get on his nerves be shore to wear a hard hat becuase this birdy EXPLODES!!!

White Bird / Matilda

BAM! This bird likes to send out explosive eggs! Bet the pigs won't see that com'in! But even though he looks SUPER COOL, strangley he kinda look like an egg himself intresting huh?

Green Bird / Hal

Ahh, the amazing game of boomarang. Well ths bird is the #1 champion at that game, infact when he plays hes the boomarang!!! When the pigs thing he missed he comes from the back and... BAM!!!

Big Brother Bird / Terence

Look up in the sky its a rock, its a bolder, its big red bird! When big red bird comes in the battle be ready for the pigs to be crushed and sent flying!!!

Yellow Bird / Chuck

Don't make this chick angry, if you mess whith this bird hill zoom as fast as lightning and knock you in to tomarrow!

Pink Bird

Cute, adorable, and ANGRY! When she come along the pigs will be flying, she takes her bubble wand and destroys them.

Orange Bird / Bubbles

If you thoght the big red bird was fat then you have anouther thing coming, the orange bird is a normal size when you lanch him but when he comes down puffs his cheeks up and BLAM!!!

The Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is $1.00 for unlimited use. He is the strongest and biggest bird of them all.