The Angry Bird King

Angry Birds

Fire your way throgh Angry Birds! If your bored pick up the iPhone and play ANGRY BIRDS!!! :c)

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The Angry Bird King is a thing I made showing you info about the #1 game Angry Birds! To see my art of Angry Birds you can see my Twitter page or the 2012 Slocum year book cover, go to my Twitter page, of my Pinterest. For the most info of Angry Birds I have it will be on my Face Book! I'm still updating my site, Face Book, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter so check back soon! Face Book: Look up The Angry Bird King Twitter: Look up DaAngryBirdKing Tumblr:

Angry Birds Star Wars

New characters, new abilities, and birds with lightsabers it can't get any better then this. Tatooine, The Death Star, and Hoth levels are out now!

Pigs Rule!!!

For all you pig fans out there there's an app out now called Bad Piggies! Also check out Bad Piggies Egg Recipes!

Amazing Alex

By the creators of Angry Birds is Amazing Alex!

Tiny Thief

By the creators of Angry Birds is Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars!


By the creators of Angry Birds is Icebreaker by Rovio Stars!


A game by the creators of Angry Birds but aimed more at girls.

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