The Angry Bird King

Helmet Pig

Its all saftey first for this little guy but will the birds make this piece of ham pork chops? Could YOU give him a black and blue?

King Pig

You can run but you can't hide from the menicing king pig! Will you be able to destroy this supereer bird dodger!??!

Mustash Pig

This pig aint playing any games when you hit him don't exspect him to be dead!


This pig's really not hard to beat, but when theres alot of them it'll be harder.


Mechanic Pig

This little piggy is seen in Bad Piggies. Like The Mighty Eagle Mechanic Pig is extra money, $1.99 for 10, $5.99 for 35, and $9.99 for 65.

Freckled Pig

Sometimes freckled, it is the new Angry Birds pig design. It is seen in Bad Piggies and the new Angry Birds Updates.

Fat Pig

Is seen in Angry Birds Space, is hard to beat, and he loves pop corn. He might be big because he breathed in outer space, because he had no helmet. But even if he started that way he really leveled it up with that popcorn.


Shows up on the pause screen on Angry Birds. Strangely looks like Mechanic Pig.

Purple Zompig

They pop up when you defeat a Minion Pig.(In Angry Birds Friends) They are easy to beat. These pigs are not in costume!